4 years of Dan

Celebrating 4 years of Dan Horrocks-Burgess at Geronimo Web

4 years of Dan Horrocks-Burgess

This month we are celebrating 4 years of Dan Horrocks-Burgess, Manager of Development and Operations.

Dan joined Geronimo as a Senior Developer in 2016 and has grown with Geronimo into his current role as Manager of Development and Operations. Dan has contributed to many key workstreams in this time, such as the implementation of tools to support the General Data Protection Regulations, integrating with OEMs and their suppliers,  and migrating the platform to the cloud; all while working with our talented team of developers to deliver numerous platform updates and new features.

Dan is always up to date with the latest developments across our whole technology stack and ensures that we are in a position to select and implement new tech to benefit our customers.

Dans' Work Anniversary

Here is Dan’s take on the past four years at Geronimo Web Ltd.

“I’m extremely proud to be a part of the development team at Geronimo, their dedication every single day is inspiring and also a lot of fun! From launching new brands, new markets and developing new features every week to climbing up trees and zipping across zip-lines during a team day out at Go-Ape there is a never a dull moment!

On behalf of all of Geronimo, thank you for all you have done in the past 4 years

Here’s to the next 4!

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