Dealer Training in Finland… May 2019

The Ford of Finland HQ was the location for the latest dealer training of the Geronimo Dealer Programme. A total of 12 dealers attended our training event in May 2019, with 2 new dealers joining the programme and 10 dealers electing for a refresher training session. Both Rani (Operations Manager) and Sanna (Finland’s dedicated Digital Content Manager) attended from Geronimo to take the dealers through all the extensive functionalities of the platform.

The structure of the training session allowed both Rani and Sanna the opportunity to offer detailed one to one help with each attendee. Checking their understanding and progress, ensuring any changes made to their dealer website were on brand, looked good and provided clear concise information.

The relaxed atmosphere helped to generate a fellowship between the trainees who, all supported and helped each other. During session breaks each attendee had a chance to network, exchanging their current Ford market experiences, shared ideas and viewpoints.

In the coming weeks, Sanna will be contacting each of the attendees individually, working with them to make a personalised plan to extend their knowledge on how to best utilise the Geronimo Programme and all of Geronimo’s extended services.