Executive Management

Formed from years of experience in varied business sectors and combined to create a team that is able to strategise and make business decisions to support the board’s short and long term strategy.

Jodie Lawton – Operations/Commercial Director

Jodie leads the international client services teams across the Geronimo business, with a special focus on delivering a first class customer experience for our manufacturer clients, our national sales company clients and our international dealers.

Jodie is continually strategising to push the boundaries in all areas of client services, delivering a personalised and comprehensive full service package across multiple cultures and countries.

In any business, the people behind the company are as important as the company itself, so Jodie and her direct management team are continually developing the multi lingual consultancy services that are delivered to the manufacturers, the national sales companys and the dealers.

Jodie has extensive international experience and has worked with some of the leading brands in client services, such as Apple and Samsung and has thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of new strategical approaches to drive sales and deliver excellence with the key stakeholders within the blue chip environment.

Richard Silk – Creative Director

Rich joined Geronimo in 2014 after running his own design business for over 10 years. Rich and his team are responsible for all designs on the dealer and corporate websites including the complete dealer website redesign in 2014, which launched in May 2016. He also lead the 2017 GeronimoWeb re-brand and company website launch.

Dan Horrocks-Burgess – Development Manager

Dan Horrocks-Burgess - Development ManagerJoining Geronimo in 2016 Dan heads up development, ensuring that the technology stack we use is best in class. Promoting an agile approach to software development Dan brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the team, and a drive to ensure quality in what we do. With extremely strong skills across the whole software development stack and a dedication to achieving better; Dan is the leading force in a growing development team that aspire to the same level of technical excellence and take pride in what they do.

Steve Fenton – Manager of Product and Data Development

Steve joined Geronimo in 2015 and leads our Product and Data Development. He is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies and the author of technical books on programming, deployment automation, and web operations.

Steve has previous experiencing leading global software product development across multiple industries including healthcare, automotive, Internet security, and e-commerce.