Rani Jakobsen Celebrates 8 Years at Geronimo

Geronimo's Rani Jakobsen celebrates eight years with the company

Geronimo’s Rani Jakobsen celebrated eight years at the company last week, having joined shortly after Geronimo was founded.

The occasion was appropriately marked with the announcement that Rani had earned a position within the Geronimo Executive Management team alongside his existing role as Operations Manager. Cake was also present, of course.

The announcement was made by company CEO Jackie Lawton, who told of Geronimo’s humble beginnings and how Rani had exponentially grown in tandem with the business since those early days and continues to do so.

Earlier in 2017, Rani took a leading role in a major business project, onboarding over 70 Ford car dealerships onto the Geronimo programme as the company ventured into the Thailand market for the first time.

Please join us in congratulating Rani on the well-deserved success of his efforts.

Rani Jakobsen Geronimo cake