Staff Testimonials

At Geronimo we are really passionate about everything digital and what makes us different is our truly multicultural environment. Here, Geronimo team members will tell you what makes us different:

 “When I started working here nearly two and a half years ago, I did not expect such a warm and welcoming environment. Having moved from a different town, it meant so much to be welcomed with open arms and I can honestly say that I have made friends for life here.

My favourite part of working here is the unique combination of people from all over the world, who have been kind enough to teach me about their cultures, languages and most importantly, shared all sorts of delicious food with me!”— Beinta is the Digital Content Manager for Denmark. She looks after 40 accounts. In her spare time, Beinta enjoys dancing, singing, chocolate and binge-watching TV series on Netflix.


 “As cliché as it sounds, I like to refer to my Geronimo colleagues as my work family. For many of us who’ve made the move across the country, or even across the globe for this job, the experience and adventures have been more than rewarding. Within the group, I have found great friends, mentors and even a potential father-in-law!(I politely declined this offer). The banters and jokes may intimidate you at first, but soon enough you too will be joining in; witnessing the beautiful metamorphosis of the shy new employee (you) into a confident member of the Geronimo family. As long as there is coffee in the building you will always have new adventures and laughs.”—Saiyukta, manages the India market with her associate Tanmay. Saiyukta is a dancer, bathroom singer, fact junkie and enthusiastic about everything creative.


 I joined Geronimo eight months ago and it’s been a journey like no other. Reasons for which cannot be described. You have to experience to truly understand it ! So what do you get when you gather people from over 24 countries and cultures in one place? A good mix of funny, enthusiastic, helpful and hardworking group of people where only opportunities and solutions exists. No matter what the issue is – the Geronimo people always gets it done. It’s simply a Geronimo thing. So if you like a work environment where no two days are the same this is the place for you! (PS, just remember to bring cake and chocolate and you’ll will be everyone’s favourite!)—Benjamin is the content manager for Norway and looks after the Norwegian account. Passionate about cars, Benjamin uses his spare time watching car videos on YouTube while keeping up to date with news and trends within the automotive industry. He also has high interest in design and automotive manufacturing methods including Lean and Agile.

“I joined Geronimo a year and half ago and I have made some really amazing friends in this place. Eclectic, fun and hardworking are the three words I would use for my work mates. A place where laughter and conversations flow as easily as the serious things of the digital world. People here would readily help you no matter what the issue is– whether you are snowballed with a tight deadline or need a babysitter on a weekend! I kid you not—I am sure I can count on my Geronimo mates for a lot of things (plus, a bribe of chocolates or alcohol <outside work, obviously>never hurt anyone, either).” –Dhanya, moved from India account to the new marketing team where she puts into practice her true passion of writing and ideating. Dhanya is a fitness and fashion lover, a voracious reader, baker of healthy banana breads and a mum of a feisty three year old.

 “We are a truly fun and dynamic team. Most of us here come from different parts of the world and different cultures but here we have created a family like environment amongst ourselves. The company is growing at a breakneck speed and this means more opportunities for growth. However, the most exciting part is that we have the opportunity to add a rock to the edifice of the company.”—Paul, Landed as an Account Executive, drove to the Team Lead road and is  now flying to Marketing Land. In his spare time, he works hard to be up to date with the Digital trends and automotive industry. Paul, is definitely not the kind of person who should be put on speaker phone.


As you can see Geronimo’s vibrant work culture has something to offer to everyone. If you would like to be part of the Geronimo team, check out our Careers page to see the available opportunities.