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Automotive OEM & dealership website solutions

The Geronimo programme delivers more than just dealer websites. Geronimo provides both the OEM and dealerships with a highly sophisticated and innovative website platform and business consultancy programme; empowering stakeholders at all levels of the business.

Visual of multiple Geronimo website components.
Geronimo OEM

OEM brand & user experience alignment

Launched May 2016, an all new Geronimo automotive dealer website platform, utilising the latest technologies to offer a fully customisable dealer website platform to align with evolving OEM brand requirements.

Using Microsoft’s latest development technologies, we are able to separate the view of the website from the business logic and code. This enables us to heavily customise the website’s style and layout without deviating from the core code base or business logic.

This ensures that all OEM clients and dealers are treated the same and migrate onto new styles or receive new features at the same time, no matter their country.

Dealer content management

Geronimo’s custom-built, multi-tier Content Management System (CMS) allows the OEM and individual dealerships to work collaboratively or solely to build and maintain effective web content through a flexible and intuitive user interface.

Every word, area of content and image is controlled through this CMS. The CMS was developed in-house at Geronimo, with the thought that the end customer is an employee at the dealership and therefore may not have a marketing background or prior training. It is therefore designed to be very intuitive to use with a real time view of what can be edited in the dealer’s local language (including right-to-left).

Visual of the Geronimo content management system with a Honda dealer website showing next to it.

New & used vehicle stock management

New & used vehicle inventory data is the life-blood of a retail-focussed dealer website. Geronimo wants to ensure inventory is always represented in detail across dealer’s websites, whilst providing the customer with simple and easy to use search tools.

Geronimo have vehicle inventory integrations with 31 global providers. This is key to ensure that the dealers do not have to input their inventory in multiple locations and allows a more efficient process of managing inventory in the dealership in their existing systems.

Within the Geronimo Content Management System (CMS) there is also a mobile-friendly vehicle inventory tool, which allows the dealers to upload and manage their inventory within a Geronimo environment if they do not have a centralised system for this.

Screenshot of a Geronimo used vehicle page from a Ford dealer website.
Microsoft Azure logo


Geronimo manages all website hosting on behalf of our clients. Geronimo has a geo-redundant hybrid cloud platform operated in partnership with Microsoft Azure. This enables content to be served locally to users via a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to increase reliability, improve speed, and reduce latency for all users. The hosting infrastructure is monitored by advanced tools that detect and issues in real time and allow resolution of most problems before they impact services.

Continually updating technologies

The development teams at Geronimo are actively encouraged to; find, test and deploy the latest development technologies.  These may be to improve internal development efficiencies, allowing features to be released more frequently to customers, or to improve the customers experience be it website or Content Management System (CMS). 

Localised to each country

Geronimo realises that no two countries, cultures and dealers are the same, and they may all have different business requirements. Whilst each new implementation of a Geronimo website and content management system shares the same code base, each is also localised to meet the specific needs of both the OEMs and dealers.

Screenshot of Arabic translations in the Geronimo language module
Screenshot of the language module in the Geronimo content management system.
Screenshot of a currency drop-down selector in the Geronimo content management system.
Screenshot of vehicle management within the Geronimo content management system.
Screenshot of Arabic translations in the Geronimo language module.
Screenshot of the Geronimo languages module

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