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Data analysis & reporting

Actionable data has now become a key day-to-day requirement for businesses looking to fully optimise their online presence. Reporting and data analysis from Geronimo is thorough and collated from multiple sources to ensure we fully understand how customers are interacting with our products. 

Screenshot of an Adobe Analytics report on desktop and tablet

OEM reporting

The OEMs benefit from Geronimo reporting and data analysis via dedicated senior management teams that provide daily, weekly and/or monthly business intelligence reporting through Adobe Analytics.

Geronimo have developed the OEM reports from feedback and requirements from each OEM and national sales company. A typical report includes all the dealer data aggregated into one simple to understand Adobe Analytics report, including key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and measure the programmes’ performance over time.  All of these reports are still however tailored to each country as we understand that each country and culture will have varying requirements.

Dealer reporting

At Geronimo, we believe it is key that a dealership has a clear understanding of how customers and what customers interact with their website and marketing. We also understand that not all dealers will understand some data segments being reported on.

We therefore have custom Google Analytics reports which are emailed to dealership monthly. The dealers are then able call their native Digital Content Manager to be talked through the data and what it means.

These discussions will drive the content strategy for the following months to ensure the content is aligned with what customers are looking for. 

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