Native dealer business consultancy

Geronimo Consultancy Services

Geronimo provides specialist consultancy services to automotive businesses worldwide; combining proven expertise and first-class customer service. From a central hub in the UK, Geronimo’s dedicated consultancy teams advise and support global stakeholders at all levels of the automotive industry.

Geronimo’s multi-national consultants provide analysis, strategy and support to customers in 29 countries around the globe.

A broad range of consultancy services are tailored to meet the requirements of automotive businesses of all sizes and types; from small family dealerships to industry Blue Chip companies across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Global Expertise

Recognising the importance of a holistic approach to web presence development, Geronimo offers a comprehensive range of consultancy services to support customer needs across the automotive sector;

  • Advertising & Marketing Strategy
  • Business Analysis Services
  • Business Development
  • Business Reporting
  • Digital Content Strategy
  • Global Dealer Training
  • Infrastructure
  • Lead Management
  • Project Management
  • Search Marketing
  • Web Development Projects

Consultancy Tailored to Each Dealer

The Geronimo business works directly with the individual dealers, Dealer Councils and selected specialist dealer working groups.  On a day-to-day basis, the consultants work directly with the individual business and, in parallel, the Geronimo management team also work with selected dealers on individual projects and local market programmes.

The Dealer Council body, with a selection of representative dealers, attend each quarterly review meeting, along with the national sales company directors and the Geronimo management team.

The dealer relationship is managed, tracked and developed from the UK hub, led by a strong team of customer service managers.

National Sales Companies & Dealer Bodies

Dedicated Support

Geronimo works directly with national sales companies and national dealer representative bodies.  The Geronimo teams provide consultancy to Managing Directors and management teams in parallel with the services provided to dealers.

Through these key relationships Geronimo works to define national priorities, support broader strategic goals, facilitate cross-dealer learnings, ensure standards compliance, and find opportunities for dealers to benefit collectively.

Global Reach

In addition to our work with individual dealer businesses and national sales companies, Geronimo provides consultancy services directly to the manufacturer – from used vehicle sales and lead management initiatives, to CRM strategies and best-in-class user experience.

Putting our digital experience and cultural/linguistic insight at their disposal, Geronimo provides a wide array of auditing, analytical and strategic services to help these OEM regional giants monitor and develop the online performance of their component markets, and to launch new projects into new market sectors.

Personal Service

Geronimo’s agile business model allows versatility and scalability to meet the demands of such wide-reaching clients with the high standards and celerity that run throughout our work.

Travel to customer offices around the world for face-to-face meetings helps to cement trusted partnerships, and strong relationships with senior staff at the heart of these global automotive companies are testimony to Geronimo‘s proven track record of service and expertise.