OEM compliant digital content management

Digital Content Services

The key to customer conversion online is engaging and relevant content (“Content is King”). Geronimo works with each individual dealer to ensure all content is relevant and localised to their dealership. The aim is to increase customer engagement through a more engaging and relevant experience. This will then hopefully lead them into a lead, be it the in built lead forms, or one of the many telephone and direction call to actions (CTAs).

Asset creation for website and social media campaigns

Geronimo brings creativity and automotive passion to all of the assets Geronimo produce for each individual dealer as part of the programme.

The Native Digital Content Managers work with each individual dealership to develop effective campaigns and content appropriate to each business and culture.

Geronimo’s unique structure allows dealers from around the world to learn from each other’s campaign success stories, and use this data to develop more effective campaigns in the future.

Proactive marketing initiatives/best in class comparison

Geronimo’s unique structure of over 1,600 dealerships around the world enables us to look at the best performing campaigns and roll out these learnings in localised marketing initiatives to boost traffic and customer conversion. As part of this, dealers receive top tips of the month and “dealer content of the month”, which is all about showcasing the best converting content across all the Geronimo dealer websites globally.