Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The key to the success of any website is its ability to generate good quality traffic. At the very heart of an effective traffic strategy lies strong search engine performance. Geronimo works with the local OEM teams and each individual dealership to build an effective, localised and time sensitive search presence tailored to their specific needs.

Geronimo provides dealers with first-class, proactive support and advice on all aspects of Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), inclusive in all our programmes.

Digital Content Managers are backed by a dedicated Search Optimisation/Search Marketing team

Industry specialists who monitor performance, define high level strategy and ensure that the latest industry best practices are observed and deployed.

What does each dealership receive?

A Geronimo consultant treats each dealer as an individual and develops clear, effective strategies to suit their unique needs and the priorities of that business.

At the same time, the Geronimo team works with the local OEM teams to define national priorities, support broader search goals and prevent unintended internal competition.

The Geronimo dealer training programme covers basic SEO techniques and equips website administrators with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their own local SEO strategy.

Geronimo’s global network of automotive websites and contacts

Providing vital insight into wider trends, techniques and developments across the automotive sector, by combining national, multi-dealer strategies with business-specific personalisation, Geronimo ensures that each dealer benefits from the experiences of others whilst also having a website that is individually tailored to them.

Innovation & opportunity

With search ranking and search referral traffic amongst the KPIs of the Geronimo programme, ambitious targets drive innovation and continual development. In a fast moving and highly competitive online marketplace, Geronimo’s unique combination of strategy, expertise and technology keeps dealers and OEM at the forefront and enables rapid and effective response to new opportunities.