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Jackie Lawton

Jackie Lawton

Chief Executive Officer
Jackie founded the Geronimo business in 2009, to bring together the varied needs of global manufacturers and retail dealers into one programme, that would be both sophisticated yet flexible, to meet the demands of multiple cultures across multiple countries worldwide.

Jackie’s entrepreneurialism and innovation have guided Geronimo’s success to date, supporting customers globally with a broad range of products and services across the automotive sector.

Jackie has a wealth of leadership experience working with some of the biggest blue chip organisations globally and has pioneered CRM best practices for the automotive industry in Europe and the US. She has also hosted many CRM conferences across Europe to manufacturers and the retail dealer networks.
Nick Lawton

Nick Lawton

Chief Operating Officer
Nick is a passionate COO and board member who works with automotive dealers and manufacturers to adapt, develop and scale online technology solutions that deliver quantifiable results. He knows that no one region, country, culture or individual is the same, and he thrives off delivering technology solutions that are flexible for every client, yet highly scalable for multi-billion dollar cooperate clients.

Since joining Geronimo in 2011, Nick has worked with the CEO to grow the business from a small startup with 40 clients in 1 country, to a global market leader with over 1,800 clients in 27 counties spanning Europe, MENA and APAC.
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Robert Brown

Commercial Finance Director
Robert joined the Board in February 2019 as Geronimo’s Commercial Finance Director, taking responsibility for the contractual model of the business, financial reporting, business planning, funding and oversight of the finance function.

Having originally trained as a Chartered Accountant at BDO, Robert has joined us from his 7 years as EMEA Finance Director at ISG Inc, a global Digital Advisory firm listed on the NASDAQ, providing Research, Consulting and Managed services across 700 clients in 30 countries and across nearly every sector, including Automotive.

Prior to that Robert was Group CFO for 8 years at Compass Management Consulting, a privately owned, global IT Consultancy.

Robert has had 20 years’ experience being a global business partner at a C-Suite level whilst also helping develop and mentor employees at all levels within the business and has had oversight of Finance, Legal and HR in that time.

He enjoys golf, skiing, diving and sailing when opportunities arise and is always looking ahead to the next big sporting event, whether it is Football, Cricket, Golf, Rugby or F1… subject to family demands, of course!

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