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In 2009 working in collaboration with Ford Denmark and the Danish Ford dealer association, Jackie launched the Geronimo online marketing programme across all Ford dealers in Denmark. Since then the programme has been rolled out at the country level in 30 additional Ford markets. 

In 2015 Geronimo launched its first non-Ford programme with the Lincoln distributors across the Middle East region. 

In 2017 Geronimo launched the online marketing programme with Universal Honda Ireland for both their dealership network and also their national Honda website. This expansion was off the back of an existing Ford dealer in Ireland who also had a Honda franchise and wanted both his brands to benefit from the Geronimo programme. 

Geronimo has three distinct client relationships within the online marketing programme. 

  1. The OEM’s regional offices
  2. The OEM’s National Sales Companies (NSC)
  3. The distributors, dealerships and service only outlets 

These clients are all looked after separately by specialist teams, however, they are managed in one programme in order to achieve control and visibility across the whole digital customer journey.

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