Countries and Languages

Geronimo is an established global automotive leader in the delivery and management of dealer online marketing solutions, across multiple countries and multiple languages globally.

Over the past 10 years, Geronimo has developed a strong and robust, yet flexible, multi lingual platform that can be applied to any manufacturer, anywhere in the world, within the global automotive environment.

To support the technology platform and solutions, Geronimo has a unique approach to supporting countries and languages that is both efficient but localised and controlled by the individual country. When Geronimo was founded, and still today in 2019, one of the key USPs is how Geronimo delivers a retail digital solution in multiple languages across multiple areas in the world but, most importantly, localised to the individual culture and consumer behaviour, to deliver all the controls and services that the local country requires.

Geronimo currently delivers retail website solutions in 29 countries supporting over 14 languages:

English, Flemish, French, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hindi, Hungarian, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss French, Swiss Italian, Swiss German, German, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Arabic, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil

All Geronimo’s native consultancy operates from their UK hub and Geronimo do not outsource or use translation agencies.