The dealers we work with

The Dealer

Geronimo has masterminded a unique industry leading strategy for dealers to receive a low cost, yet advanced, full service digital online offering but within a manufacturer controlled programme.

As a global retail specialist agency, our dealer is at the core of everything we create, build and deliver. When the company was founded, and still today, every aspect of our manufacturer programme is built and tested with our dealers across the world. The programme fits the needs of either a small dealer in the outback of somewhere like India, where resource is limited to a couple of dealer staff, or one of the most advanced digitally positioned dealers within our Nordic regions.

From small dealership to international dealer group

Whatever part of the world a dealer is based, there is always a diverse group of dealers in each country so, therefore, the challenges of running any central manufacturer programme is to ensure it can be flexible to meet the demands of some of the very small businesses versus the more comprehensive demands of a large international dealer group.

The Geronimo programme has been tailor made to offer a bespoke 1:2:1 consultancy support package for whatever digital level the dealer is at within their dealership business.

Dealer-focussed technology

In order to deliver technology solutions for a wide variety of dealers at very different stages of their digital expertise, it is critical to have a digital platform that is localised to the local culture but, most importantly, is simple and quick to use but, at the same time, offers an element of sophistication in order to maximise retail sales online.

The Dealer’s Voice

Regular dealer feedback and reviews, with dealers and dealer councils, are an integral part of our programme to ensure the dealer’s voice is heard and, most importantly, is actually driving the functionality development so that his or her business can both advertise their business to promote their individuality and have the best customer experience online to generate the maximum online leads possible across all dealer departments for their business.