The Manufacturer Relationship

The Geronimo Manufacturer Relationship

Geronimo works directly for the manufacturer and then daily with the local National Sales Company and dealers in each country. Geronimo does not launch on a dealer by dealer basis but at a country level for the manufacturer, to deliver a localised dealer online marketing programme for the dealer network wherever that may be: in Europe, the Middle East or Asia Pacific.

Manufacturer Controlled Programme

When Geronimo launches in a country, the manufacturer includes all dealers to ensure the manufacturer has control over compliance, branding, advertising/marketing, manufacturer content, the customer journey and lead generation. However, at the same time, for the dealer (retailer) they have control over their own dealer branding, local advertising, local content, SEO, bespoke promotion and lead generation.

Geronimo’s approach for the manufacturer is unique and this combination offers the manufacturer a strategy that delivers dealer buy-in, within a manufacturer controlled website programme, and offers the customer a best-in-class user experience.

The Relationship between Geronimo and the Manufacturer

Geronimo prides itself on the quality and depth of the relationship that they have with the manufacturer and live, breath and sleep this relationship. Geronimo sincerely believes people buy people and, without this foundation, there is no platform to build strong and meaningful long term relationships.

From the very beginning, Geronimo has nurtured strong relationships which, in return, have delivered an exceptionally high level of referral business across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The management team travels regularly to their clients to conduct comprehensive business review meetings, with all the key stakeholders, from both the manufacturer and the Geronimo business teams.

Regular Review Meetings in each Country

Geronimo believes in order to strategise and continually push boundaries in retail online marketing, the relationship between all parties is critical in order to drive and evolve in this areas. Therefore, Geronimo conducts regular review meetings in each country, which are led by a comprehensive Geronimo review team, which typically consists of a director, senior product lead, senior marketing lead and the appointed Digital Content Manager/s who are responsible for taking care of the dealers in the country they are travelling to.

This review meeting generally is set for a day and consists of a detailed analysis of results across every sector within the retail dealer programme, covering overall results, KPIs, project performance, analysis and recommendations, new proposed strategies, marketing planning and product development.